In this time of uncertainty making projections is difficult: no fair, no sale?

December 7, 2020

In Florence, however, Dolce and Gabbana revitalize the city with luxury crafts and art

No fair, no sale? There is always a wide margin of uncertainty when making projections. However, exhibitions and, in general, all public events have never been so penalized. Of course, it does not depend on the people working in the sector; everyone is doing their best to maintain a high level of interest in the world of art, in both historicized and contemporary works. Every strategy is allowed, from specific meetings with a single collector to a click that spreads highly engaging images and situations online. As for the goal, that is to say, to get to the purchase of a painting, sculpture, or installation, you need to see it. The solution? To wait for governments to relax the anti-Covid measures, in the hope that the pandemic will end soon. There is nothing else we can do. And what about the market? “We are the market, the investment funds, the pension funds, the funds for the Italian or Chinese state railways (!),” gallerist Gian Enzo Sperone said in an interview in 2012. This is how art gurus perceive the evolution of reality. So, the arena of the art world continues; galleries, auctions, dealers, and fairs (!?) are all working – online – to pursue the same goal.

As a result, collectors have a lot of means to choose from to sail on their exciting and adventurous journey into beauty. Florence, art, and fashion – the season opens with the talent and passion of Dolce and Gabbana. The worldly event organized by the famous fashion label with their overwhelming energy takes place in an uncertain season. An unprecedented event and, above all, the first in the fashion sector – but perhaps in every sector – across the world. Managerial skills combine with Italian creativity and exquisite taste. An exciting opportunity for the city that, penalized by Covid-19, is now given new life by crafts and arts, through an event that involves the historical shops in the city centre, public and private museums, and houses full of prestigious collections. An effervescent week that brought the city back to the times of the dolce vita, when the international jet set fed on Italian beauty. And art was the glue; ancient, modern, applied – art in all its forms and variations. And, as then, the most enterprising collectors were enchanted by a wide range of high-end women’s pieces and bewitched by the magnificent Florentine setting, with its historical buildings and gardens.

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It all started with French literature. I studied it in Padua, in the frescoed palaces where the humanities courses were located. It was there that I realized that I prefer the figurative arts to literature. From the Middle Ages up until the twentieth century. And then to art fairs and Florence, where - for the sake of love - I have been living for twenty years now. Travelling to all places where art is bought and sold. Crossing worlds, seeing collections, meeting people: a fascinating, inexhaustible landscape.

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