The “SURREAL” life of Salvador Dalì

Salvador Dalì's life was lived intensely by the artist, poised between reality and dream, in fact, transforming his very existence into a dreamlike universe in which everything could become possible: like watches that melt, carrying time with them. The 20th century cannot fail to include among the most important artists Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech with his long and thin mustache, inspired by those of the Spanish seventeenth-century master Diego Velazquez.

Surrealism is an avant-garde artistic and literary movement, born after the First World War, in which the unconscious took over reason, giving life to irrational works, and often decidedly unusual combinations. Dalì during his existence has always strived to be himself considered part of the Surrealist current through his deeds and his decidedly out of the ordinary appearance.

An anecdote above all to tell the inspiration of Dali, is the one that saw him as a protagonist in 1936, the year in which he showed up in London at a conference with two Russian greyhounds on a leash and a diving suit on his head. On that occasion, he risked suffocating because the suit not specially equipped did not allow adequate air circulation, much less to be heard outside.

For this reason, when the painter began to squirm because the air inside was running out, the public believed it was a joke by delaying rescue. The persistence of memory of 1931 remains his most famous work and considered a symbolic work of surrealist art, in which it is said the artist in creating it was also influenced by Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.

One of the many curiosities related to the Spanish artist is his enrollment at the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid and his subsequent expulsion when he refused to take the final exam, arguing that none of the members of the commission were competent to judge him.

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