Enchanted rainbow

December 9, 2021

Rome • Anthological exhibition of Alberto Biasi at the Ara Pacis

60 works exposed, from the reconstruction of the environment of Light Prisms to the recent experimentations

“Le Trame was born for a practical reason related to my youth when my father suggested that I get a diploma as a silkworm breeder. On that occasion I learned the technique to safeguard these worms which consisted in the use of perforated paper. Playing with these sheets I realized that their overlapping dynamic created moving concatenations of light”. Alberto Biasi explains the invention of le Trame. 

The master induces to recover reality with different views and feelings

His other ideations, that utilize optical perception, have more scientific motivations. The exhibition of more than sixty works hosted until the 20th of February 2022 in the rooms of the Ara Pacis, curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Dimitri Ozerkov (Il Cigno G Edizioni catalog), offers an exhaustive overview of the entire creative path of the artist. The title, “Dive into the rainbow”, concerns Light Prisms (Tuffo nell’arcobaleno), one of the environments conceived by him, present in the exhibition with the mentioned Trame, le Torsioni, the Rilievi Ottico-Dinamici, the Politipi, the Assemblaggi and his most recent experimentations.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to physically enter in the magical environment of the master

As it has already happened in other expositive circumstances, this is the occasion for the visitors to also physically enter the magical climate of Alberto Biasi where the changeable light and the visual illusion feed a becoming of oneiric palpitation, of changeable floating of the thought. In fact starting from Trama of 1960, a transparent game of compared structures and arriving to Elios of 2010, a solar and eruptive emotional inflorescence, then to the undulating and iridescent tactile flight of Divagazione cromodinamica (2011), to arrive at the modulated blue of Dinamica altalena of 2013, the world of Biasi can be tasted in a rhythmic sequence.

A world that, as it has been mentioned, involves all those who take part in his inventions crossing perceptively the dream, the desire, leaving for a few moments the tangible everyday outside the space transformed once again by his art. Is this a system to escape from reality? No, it is a system to recover it with a different view and with other feelings after having found oneself in the mirror of an enchantment. And does that seem like a small thing to you?


In his works changing light and visual illusion feed a becoming of oneiric palpitation



Alberto Biasi

Tuffo nell’arcobaleno

Museo dell’Ara Pacis Rome

Curated bby Giovanni Granzotto Dimitri Ozerkov

Catalogue Il Cigno G G Edizioni

Until 20/02/22


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