Lights at the castle

The work of the two masters is connected through chromatic, aesthetic and lighting affinities

There is always an appeal when contemporary art occupies ancient places, not by simply inhabiting the space but by dialoguing with it. This is the case, with the exhibition Le Vibrazioni del Colore (The Vibrations of Colour), hosted in the medieval Castello dei Paleologi in Casale Monferrato (Alessandria). Curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Anselmo Villalta a tribute to the artistic career of two masters Claudio Rotta Loria (Turin, 1949) and Jorrit Tornquist (Graz, 1938). About fifty works from the artists’ studios illustrate two artistic paths that, though distant in terms of genesis and construction, present strong affinities in their research and chromatic and luminous aesthetic. Both, in fact, not only consider the design phase and preliminary study a fundamental moment of the creative process, but they are both masters of the play of light and shadow on the canvas, and above all they link visual perception to the emotion that a chromatic or luminous sensation can trigger in the viewer.


Most importantly, Rotta Loria brings Surfaces in which light plays a role, a practice he began at the end of the ‘60s - and continues to the present day - Precise constructions whose aim is the discovery of the dynamics and possibilities of the surfaces struck and crossed by a light that animates the forms, rather than detaching them clearly from the background, through imperceptible vibrations and luminosity. The section of the exhibition dedicated to Jorrit Tornquist is on the other hand a wide exploration that starts with the first pieces: an uninterrupted investigation that in the ‘60s and ‘70s finds a particular deepening of the effect of light on chromatic perception. An investigation that continued throughout the following decades, giving more and more space to the qualities and characteristics of pigment, both by thickening it in different ways and by continuously changing the support with which it interacts - folded canvases, rags, gauze, wood, etc.

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