Open to meraviglia: Yes, just a wonder to be able to agree with all, journalists and intellectuals from usually antithetical visions. Only that this time sharing is not based on appreciation, but indignation. The thumbs towards is unanimous and categorical for the advertising campaign released by the Ministry for Tourism and the Enit to promote what at the time of

Claudia Baldi - May 4, 2023

On show a wide range of artworks from 1967 to 2022

A personal exhibition of Cesare Berlingeri, curated
by Domenico Piraina, is running until February 18 at Palazzo della cultura "Pasquino Crupi". The initiative, as final event of the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the discovery of the Riace Bronzes, is produced by the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, with the

Luciano Caprile - April 7, 2023

With this new pictorial cycle, the artist pays homage to Vittore Carpaccio and Giovanni Mansueti

The past can suddenly come to light to re-knot the thread that binds us to that unconscious memory that nourishes our existence. It can happen to the gaze that in front of a masterpiece out of time can capture certain remote impulses

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