Toti Carpentieri - May 5, 2022

The floor to Vincenzo Trione

The academic always deployed for breaking down the barriers of the various artistic genres

Even the encounters with Vincenzo Trione belong to my personal memory. He was a printed words buddy who used to paraphrase Charlie Brown and I know him and his writings since the time he wrote for “Il Mattino” in the 90s, for then moving to “Il Corriere

Myriam Zerbi - April 29, 2022

Venice: Cecilia Alemani presents her Biennale

The title "The Milk of Dreams" is borrowed from a children's book by Leonora Carrington

Cecilia Alemani: she graduated in Philosophy and she completed a master's degree in Curatorial Studies in New York, where she still lives. She collaborated with the greatest museums of the world and in 2017 she curated the Italian Pavilion at

Diana Piazza - April 15, 2022

Vercelli: a tribute to Francesco Messina 120 years after his birth.

There is no systematic definition or possible affinity with a school that fit to the work of Francesco Messina (1900 – 1995). His extraordinary talent merges into a genius that goes beyond any corrosion produced by time and fashion; it’s a unicum and it has to be valued as such. If we really want to find a

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