Cesare Orler - June 18, 2024

On display 49 works divided into 4 sections

One of the most awaited exhibitions of the year, and in my opinion one of the most successful, opened its doors in Fondazione Prada headquarters in Milan: “Pino Pascali”, curated by Mark Godfrey.

The last major exhibition of one of the most precocious and brilliant Italian

Elena Altemura - June 13, 2024

50 shots on view where the artist desecrates the documentary role of photography

In the brilliant comedy directed by Marc Foster “Stranger than Fiction”, IRS agent Harold, surprised by the breaking in of an inner voice in his boring and predictable daily life, realizes that he is part of a novel. The planes of reality and narration mix, sometimes fight

Alessandro Romanini - June 11, 2024

An exhibition curated in every detail by the artist recently passed away

The Guggenheim dedicates a great retrospective to Giovanni Anselmo, entitled “Beyond the Horizon” (curated by Gloria Moure, until May 19th). The artist - who passed away on December 18th - designed and curated this exhibition in every detail: from the structure of the spaces of the

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