Dominique Stella - February 27, 2024

A hundred artworks on view from the early 2000s to the last monumental paintings of the Pinault Collection

Martial Raysse is known for his role in the European pop art of the 60s; he is the dandy who represents France at the 33rd La Biennale di Venezia where he wins the David Bright Award. With revolutionary grit, he reinterprets

Luciano Caprile - February 26, 2024

On show, 60 works which illustrate the Via Crucis coming from the Antioquia Museum in Medellín

Artists have often tied their fame to a label that characterizes their gesture that does not always highlight their qualities with due completeness. The case of Fernando Botero is emblematic. Botero is universally known as the artist of “large forms” and of a

Toti Carpentieri - February 22, 2024

In June 1978, the bond with Franco Palumbo and the friends of La Scaletta as well as with Pietro Consagra (given by the seven sculptures/labyrinth of “Trama” in the Biennale di Venezia in 1972) led me to the City of stones (Matera) for the exhibition curated by Giuseppe Appella. I had met him during my Roman years around galleries and on “La Fiera Letteraria” and I

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