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For Aldo Spinelli it is the moment of the homo ludens

“Artists work when they play and play when they work”, Dino Buzzati wrote in the short story “Mestiere fortunato”. The phrase seems to have been conceived on purpose to define the research and methodological approach of Aldo Spinelli, conceptual artist and creator of games, who has always maintained that, after homo sapiens and homo faber, the time has come to give space to homo ludens because art has a primary function, that of entertaining.

With Spinelli the game is not an interlude of everyday life, a whim or a recreation of the eternal child who dwells in each of us, but becomes part of life itself going beyond the pure aesthetic enjoyment. So art breaks into the everyday and confronts every aspect of our domestic reality in the name of the liberation of individual creative energy according to an instinctive and intuitive factor. When I asked him to tell me about his relationship with food, understood in an artistic and playful sense, he replied by sending me one of his recipes.

Tuovolozza is made from six hard-boiled eggs, cut in half and emptied of the yolk. The yolk, gradually mixed with ingredients of different colors, allows you to produce twelve small portions of different colors and flavors, which can be used to fill the hollows that naturally exist in the white of the egg. Arrange everything on a painter’s palette and serve as an appetizer.

To obtain the different shades of color it is necessary to use food substances; here are some chromatic-gastronomic suggestions. White: a little bit yolk and ricotta cheese; light yellow: yolk and mayonnaise; green: yolk and chopped spinach; red: a little bit of yolk and red caviar or ketchup; black: a little bit of yolk and black caviar or truffle paste; brown: yolk and olive paste; blue: yolk, ricotta cheese and a few drops of methylene blue.

You can do many other colors, just use your imagination, as long as everything is edible.

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(Milan 1969) He is a scholar and collector specializing in the artistic and literary avant-gardes of the twentieth century. He carries out research into Futurism and Dadaism without neglecting the innovative aspects of Contemporary Art. For him, art is comparable to cooking; it is a spectacular work characterized by an active and emotional participation in the creative fusion.



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