How to collect NFTs

August 3, 2022

By Silvio Luchetti. First of all, in order to buy NFTs, it is necessary to have a crypto wallet. If you consider how a traditional wallet contains both coins and bills, a digital wallet contains NFTs and cryptocurrencies. It is in reality similar to a debit card. Every cryptocurrency address in the wallet has a public and private key. The first can be provided to anyone, just as you can publicly share your bank account or email address. However, the public key or password does not allow access to the funds in the account.
This private key works just like the pin for your debit or credit card and shows the owner’s address on the platform.
The most used wallet is Metamask which can be downloaded on your mobile. Before buying an NFT, it is necessary to have cryptocurrency, usually Ethereum. Once currency has been deposited in your account, you can make a purchase by connecting to a marketplace. The largest of these is OpenSea, which has reached the monthly record revenue of 3.58 billion dollars. Once you connect to your digital portfolio, you can start shopping on this intuitive platform. There are sections where you can explore the different kind of NFTs according to category: art, collecting, sport and much more.
Once your choice is made, you just have to click on buy now, the approved transaction will deduct the cost and send the NFT. The process is not always simple, efforts are being made so that purchases can be made directly with a credit card.
We are only at the beginning of what doesn’t seem to be just a passing trend but a technology that will last.

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