Chronicles of other Worlds. Bologna, Jago, Banksy e TvBoy at Palazzo Abergati

March 15, 2023

What unites the three artists is the common provocative and nonconformist vocation

At Palazzo Albergati is ongoing the exhibition “Jago-Banksy-TvBoy and other countercultural stories”. The title already foreshadows the provocative and nonconformist vocation of the exhibition, and it is no coincidence that it has been chosen to create a dialogue between the most famous street artist in the world and the most acclaimed Italian artists in the field of public art. The 60 selected artworks exhaustively outline the major achievements in the field of the public art, first of all the indifference towards the norms and the customs of the contemporary art system. 


The exhibition itinerary is divided in four sections, with the first three that can be considered personal expositions, while the last is the meeting point between young talents and recognized masters. Here, among the various artists, we find Obey, Mr. Brainwash, Ravo, Pau and Laika. Piernicola Maria Di Iorio, curator of the exhibition, affirms: “Thanks to their art, we enter in a dimension marked as diverse, where chronicles and alternative worlds are produced, which are capable of building a new order”. An order that sees the social networks as the main channel of diffusion and proselytism, rather than the big fairs and the institutional museums. Starting from this paradigm shift, we can understand the revolution in the language that led to replace the canvas with the big walls of public buildings or underground stations. 


The formal foundation for most of these linguistic codes is clearly pop art with its bright colors, the basic and absolute images of contemporary icons and the extreme clarity and immediacy in the meanings. Starting from this common ground, every artist builds up his signature style, always referring to the most recent news stories: from the pandemic to the energy crisis, from the ongoing wars to the abuses and harms to minorities. I imagine an alien walking through the halls of Palazzo Albergati and looking at the artworks:
I am sure that he would realize what’s happening on planet earth, without having to listen to the new on television, or read an article on a newspaper. The evocative power of these images is so universal that it doesn’t need any kind of translation.


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Cesare Orler firmly believes in the equivalence of art and life and would like to turn his life into a work of art, to paraphrase D'annunzio. He has a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management, which he took in Venice, and is completing the master’s degree Programme in Contemporary Art History. He manages “Cesare's Corner", a TV broadcast on OrlerTV whose aim is to disseminate Contemporary Art. He closely follows emerging Italian artists and curates exhibitions and critical texts on them. He is a keen supporter of AW ArtMag. In addition to art, he also likes cinema and drinking beer, of which he is a refined connoisseur. Perhaps of all these things he can do well only the last one.

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