Cosenza: the mystery of the folded paintings. Cesare Berlingeri’s Solo Exhibition at Villa Rendano

Sensual Artworks in the Color, Tactile in the Curve and Intimate in the Search of the Invisible

A far-reaching exhibition focused on the contemporary presence of lights and shades  

Planning the future for quietening the present in order to retrieve that stability which has been blown away by the events. Concentrating on tomorrow means pushing away the decline in every sense: that’s why Cesare Berlingeri remains firm on his artistic intentions. Waiting for the right time to make his comeback, the artist has already prepared the next project: “Wrapped Shapes and Volumes” curated by Domenica Piraina – the director of the Royal Palace in Milan – and co-organized by the Ellebi Art Gallery and the Cesare Berlingeri Archive, is actually the most prestigious impending project in the schedule of Villa Rendano in Cosenza, former seat of the “Attilio and Elena Giuliani” Foundation. A far-reaching event which builds its path on the contemporary presence of lights and shades in the master’s works, regulated through two different exhibition levels concentrating on installations. 

"I'm on the lookout for an art capable of evoking secrets without completely disclosing them"  

This is because Berlingeri actually has two souls – which, in his case, seem to be complementary: the methodical and rigid one concerning his way of thinking which manifests itself in the very idea of folding the canvas; and the more intimate and sensitive one which poetically defines his painting as a narration mediated through the color. The monochrome, in fact, serves the purpose of reminding what’s under the surface and makes it vibrate in a seemingly uniform way while it is constantly mutating. It’s the painting technique itself that allows the invisible parts to show themselves: and what is defined as the “primordial enigma” of the folding paintings implies a relevant mysterical component. After all, he’s often reminding that he is “on the lookout for an art capable of evoking secrets without completely disclosing them”.

Berlingeri is thus creating a different reality in which the structure of the superimposition produces images wrapping up on themselves until they turn into endless space. In this gesture, in the fold becoming shape, in the mark he traces on the surface and on the indiscernible depths of the monochrome color, lies his sensitive vital essence: it is sensual in the color, tactile in the search of the curve, intimate in the act of painting that very invisible parts which are the main goal of any artist – that is light. The invitation is to go beyond appearances, understanding that daily gesture of his which, in the harshness of a fold or in the depth of the monochrome, reveals the mystery accepted by his art, represented by its expository event.

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