An interview with Daniele Comelli: online sales are booming

December 4, 2020

He started working with his father when he was 17. Now, at the age of 34, his online gallery has customers from all over the world

Daniele Comelli Art is an online gallery that was founded ten years ago. This journey of passion and innovation started from the fertile soil of its owner’s family history. Comelli’s childhood, in which art played a crucial role, pushed him to take a step forward, when, from the gallery that had been his father’s and, before, his grandfather’s, he started writing the first chapter of a book of his own. So, he moved away from classical art and plunged into contemporaneity, betting on the future. He relied not only on the sensibility of those who were born and raised in art but also on the manual preservation and restoration skills he learned at home; this is where his tailored sales style comes from, with its all-round customer service.  

During the lockdown I used to work until 2 AM to manage order

Ten years ago, you decided to take the plunge.
I had been working in my father’s gallery, which he established in 1967, from the age of 17. Now I’m 34. When he died, I tried to continue with my brothers, but I soon realized that it was not possible. So, I decided to go on by myself.

Competence and modernity - the keys to your success.
I always try to deal with artists whose future projects are interesting. I deal above all (80%) with established international artists; the remaining 20% are emerging artists with an excellent artistic idiom, and for whom I expect a long and successful career.

Covid-19 and online sales, how did you deal with the lockdown?
For me, it was a hectic period. There was a surge in requests and, so, in sales, with orders coming from all over the world. I worked until 2/3 AM to arrange shipping and manage orders, always using social networks. The demand was great and the supply scarce, so interest rose a lot.

I offer an all-round service. I like to pamper my customers with accurate renderings

Is the art world changing due to the health emergency, or is it just waiting for everything to go back to normal?
As for me, every month, I get more customers from all over the world. Perhaps, fairs, vernissages, and public events have changed, but people’s interest in art continues rising.

Understanding who you are dealing with - it is not easy to interpret the tastes of those who turn to your gallery for the first time.
I deal above all in pop and contemporary art. The idioms are not difficult to understand, and the messages are current and often accompanied by famous brands or dollar symbols. Many artists are now altering the classics reinterpreting them from a modern perspective, and this is something people like.

Maximizing business through relational marketing - customer loyalty management makes a difference.
I take great care of my customers; I loyalize and pamper them. I update them about the progress of the artist they are interested in, and about the publications and the articles I receive.

Name a work to which you feel particularly connected.
I was very connected to a lenticular print by Marco Battaglini I sold a few weeks ago. It is a reinterpretation of Luca Giordano’s Saint Michael defeating the Rebel Angels in which the angel wears Superman’s T-shirt.

How are the position and illumination of works in your customers’ houses important?
I offer an all-round service. I provide customers with accurate renderings to show them the final effect of works in the positions where they want to place them.

Name an artist whose works you would like to buy.
The list is very long. For my collection, I would like to buy works by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Pistoletto. Who knows, maybe one day. 


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