Il crocevia dei mondi - Roma: Bai Ming alla Galleria d’arte moderna e contemporanea

Appena rientrata da un viaggio in Cina nella provincia dello Zhejiang, dove ho scoperto, oltre a tesori d’arte, quelli di un paesaggio composto di acque e alberi, vette fantastiche e mari di nuvole, che trasformano la realtà in sogno, non volendo staccarmi da quelle profonde emozioni, ho voluto continuare il mio percorso visitando a Roma, alla Galleria d’arte moderna e contemporanea, la prima personale italiana di Bai Ming, uno dei massimi artisti cinesi contemporanei.

The spirit of geometry - Casalmonferrato: Sernaglia, Colussa and Salvadori at the castle

Three artists of different backgrounds but with geometry in common as a way to understand reality

At the Monferrato Castle (Casale Monferrato - AL), “Tre Visioni della Geometria” (Three Visions of Geometry) is open to the public. This wide-ranging project is based on an in-depth analysis of the historical currents closest to it, from the kinetic art of the 1960s to the archaic and symbolist variations of the following decade, to the pure geometric neo-abstractionism of the 1980s.

Revealed identity - Milan: The shots of Nelson at Palazzo Reale

65 photographic portraits bring attention to the last natives of the most remote areas of the planet

"I use my camera to get as close to humanity as I can," says the Englishman Jimmy Nelson, born in 1967 in Sevenoaks (Kent), one of the most important contemporary photographers exhibiting for the first time in Italy sixty-five large shots at the Palazzo Reale in Milan under the title of "Humanity" (the exhibition is curated by Nicolas Ballario and Federica Crivellaro, the catalogue is by Skira).

When sculpture is flesh - Rome: Phidias at the Capitolini Museum

More than 100 works include original archeological finds and Roman replicas from leading international museums

“Fidia”, curated by Claudio Parisi Presicce, is the first of 5 exhibitions “The Great Masters of Ancient Greece” at the Musei Capitolini - Villa Caffarelli, in Rome. A cycle designed to make known the protagonists of the art of the past to the general public and that captures the need for incursions into distant civilizations to read the present.

The grand tour is here now - Trip to today’s Japan

Tokyo, Kanazawa, Naoshima, Osaka: a tour to discover a Country where Eastern and Western culture merge

In the 18th century fto take a trip to Italy was popular for the European aristocracy to discover the origins of their culture and take inspiration for their artistic production: it was the Grand Tour.

Peace and freedom - London: Great Yoko Ono retrospective at the Tate

The exhibition explores some of the most discussed artworks and performances as Cut Piece realized from ‘64

The Tate Modern exposes more than six decades of Yoko Ono’s career, in a solo exhibition that crosses the milestones of her life. “Music of the mind”, until September 1st, is an opportunity to know her thought, through conceptual, performative, film and musical works. There are also some activist projects, which testify the commitment to peace and the environment, characteristic of her production.

The new beauty - Rome: Helmut Newton great exhibition at Ara Paci

On view 200 artworks trace the photographer long career

Voyeur, aesthete, nonconformist, rebel. Helmut Newton is the protagonist of an iconographic revolution. Interpreter of his time and forerunner of future trends, he shapes, with his shots, the contemporary aesthetic imagination. Born in Berlin in 1920 to a wealthy Jewish family, at sixteen years old he became the fashion photographer Yva's apprentice. He escapes Nazi persecution and arrives in Australia where his career starts.

Kaabi-linke: censorship? No thanks - Berlin: Unique exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof

The artist addresses issues related to violence, freedom of expression, geopolitics, immigration

The Hamburger Bahnhof hosts the Nadia Kaabi-Linke solo exhibition entitled “Seeing without light”. The artist, born in Tunis to a Tunisian father and a Ukrainian mother, grew up in Kiev, Dubai and Paris and currently lives and works in Berlin. From such a biography we can only expect a multicultural approach.

Animals are political too - Paris: Spotlight on Gilles Aillaud at Pompidou

Painter, scenographer, poet, author of plays and art critic: he is a prominent personality of the New Figuration and Narrative Figuration

The Centre Pompidou, before closing for a five-year period, from 2025 to 2030 for renovation works, gives us an original exhibition: “Gilles Aillaud. Political Animal” (until February 26th, 2024 at the Gallery n 3 on the first level).

In Carolina's net - New York: Caycedo at the MoMA

11 fishing nets, from 4 Mexican fishing communities become an oneiric installation

In every age and every place, the Spanish language, has never stopped trying to define or transcend the boundaries of sueño or to confuse them with those of wakefulness. Does Cervantes’ Quixote dream or is he mad? If the whole of existence is vague, evanescent and light, as in Calderón de la Barca’s La vida es sueño, how can we distinguish the oneiric from the real?

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